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We understand that, as Shift planners and HR managers you must already be working a lot with Excel sheets for your workforce planning and some of you who would have even mastered it with many tricks up your sleeve. We would not want to belittle the expertise you have at Excel, but would like to offer you peace of mind, higher efficiency and flexibility to handle your employees with our online scheduling tool.

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Time and cost savings

Shift planning or creating a duty roster is usually fast with Excel, but we are sure your frustration starts with accuracy in time tracking. When shifts or breaks have changed at short notice, it gets difficult to document them relevantly and in retrospect, such changes are difficult to trace and cost money. With the integrated time tracking function, our time tracking app and the browser stamp clock, Papershift offers you several possibilities to determine the working times of your employees automatically and to the second.

Automation instead of complicated formulas

There is pride when we get a complicated formula to get working in Excel, but seldom does it provides you with the desired output and then once it works we keep it untouched; worrying any addition or changes can spoil the whole data in the sheet. This is where Excel hampers automation. With Papershift calculating working hours or overtime is just a click away and automated for you without the need of formulas. It is characterised by its intuitive user interface, which guarantees no fear of usage.  This way, Papershift will do a lot of work for you and help you do more.

Duplicated data sheets for customised viewing options

How often in Excel have we duplicated the sheets just to have vantage view points to visualise the same data for perspectives and still cannot see the insights and the relevant data clearly for rational decision making. Excel here clearly defeats the purpose of representing data for decision making, thereby hindering progress of teams and organisations. With Papershift you can design and modify the calendar according to your needs and requirements, such as the day, week or month view, certain work areas, the occupancy or the respective need to hide or show. If you have any other wishes or you do not have a specific function, you can always contact our team and we will quickly find a solution together.

Manage those early morning sick notices & absences from employees

On the go flexibility? Is that even a thing with Excel? We understand as shift planners and HR managers you would be faced with sudden and short notices of employees gets sick and fall out at short notice? Changing the Excel scheduling now adds additional planning stress and time. Cloud software like Papershift, on the other hand, offers you another decisive advantage: whether on the computer, tablet or even on the go with your smartphone, you can react quickly and easily to changes, publish and most importantly notify the new roster to teams & individuals with just a few clicks – saving time, nerves and hard cash.

There is no foolproof shift. Get employees to be part of plan

However best the efforts to put up a fool proof shift plan in place, the variable of employees and their personal requests and preferences will come to redo the plan. These problems are familiar to every shift planner who creates rosters with Excel and tries to accommodate the wishes and preferences of the workforce. It’s easier with cloud software like Papershift: your employees simply log in online with their own account, determine availabilities, apply for pre-defined shifts, or even directly register themselves in them . This not only saves you a lot of time, but also promotes the satisfaction of your employees and thus increases the willingness to work.

Get a partner in progress. Your extended support for workforce planning

We at Papershift would like to support you in the best possible way and show you how you can make your scheduling even more efficient and automated. If you don’t know what to do despite the intuitive operation, you will find many useful answers and tips directly on Papershift or our live chat. Ready for the change? Start your individual Papershift experience now.

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